My Amazing Trip to Sumba (part 1)


I never heard much about Sumba before apart from it secluded beach and decided to go here just because its a short flight from Bali and i need some Vitamin Sea.

Turn out this trip brought so many impacts in to my life. People here are hard working people who have so little but much richer in so many ways. If you ever have a chance to visit Sumba, please donate some books to the children. I have been advice not to donate money because it could change someone`s character become greedy but clothes and books (school supply ) are always welcome.

First things first, you must decide which sumba you want to explore. Sumba has 2 Airports. One is Southwest Sumba, and one in East Sumba. I decided to explore West Sumba because its greener than East sumba that rather dry.

How to get there

We flew to Tambolaka Airport by Garuda Indonesia ( because i was paranoid  with other airlines) but if you want to safe some times, i suggest you to fly with Lion Air. They depart early from Bali and Return later from Sumba while Garuda do the opposite way.


To check the flights from Bali to Sumba, click here

Day 1

Arived in Tambolaka During Midday, I made huge mistake by check in my luggage in Bali Airport instead of having carry on. I must have waited for at least an hour to get my luggage. No rush here, people are taking their time Duh!!!

 Where to Stay

  • Oro Beach Houses
Oro Beach Houses

Our trusted local guide Hugo, picked us up and took us to our cute beach front Bungalow at ORO BEACH not far from airport ( 20 minutes). The beach it self is very secluded, with white sand. No one in the area except in the morning, when local people come to find some clams.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Oro Beach
Morning walks

I was very  proud of my self for finding a rather cheap place to stay with my own private beach for $40/ night with breakfast! Which is nearly impossible in Sumba.


More info about Oro beach house, click here

I was pretty amazed by Sumba, let me tell you why.

  • Exploring Sumba is like taking a time machine to an ancient age. Traditional houses & majestic megalithic tombs, something i have never seen before but read from history books.

    Megalithic Tombs
  • People use a home solar panel electric system. So no electricity between 9am to 5pm.
  • Kids has no access to internet or smartphones but they seems happier. After school they spend their spare time by playing outside , braid horses hair ( YES you read it right! ) or simply looking after herd of buffalo. Now we are talking about a tiny 9 years old looking after a humongous buffaloes here. I was impress


Processed with VSCO with kk2 preset
Kids playing with tire


  • They collect rain water for shower and if you wish to have a hot bath, they will boil the water for you.
  • They love their family.  So much though when a family member died, they buried them in their front yard!
Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
an old man chill on top his family tombs
  • Super expensive Wedding, takes at least 5 horses, couple of buffaloes plus cows to get married here


  • Some of the poor villages live out of Rp. 10.000/ day. Thats AUD$1/ perday for whole family


  • A lot i mean a lot of dogs running around on the road so drive slowly and carefully
  • Cashew nut trees everywhere!
cashew nut
  • Beautiful exotic looking people, super friendly  especially the children who waves at you all the time


      1. Mananga Aba Beach

After checking in, we were heading to Managa Aba beach located 15 minutes drive from Oro beach.

With white powdery sand, this beach is belong to Mario Cottage. Although the beach is beautiful, i wont recommend to stay in Mario hotel just because i prefer bungalow over hotel.




      2. Manola Tena – Teke

Next, we visit Sustainable Sumba`s Traditional house called Kampung Manola.Every traditional houses has 3 tiers. The ground level is for their pet to sleep in ( Dogs, Goats and Piglets) Mid levels for the whole family and the top level is for the harvest.

Most of people who lives in traditional houses are the poorest, if you can when visiting this villages, please bring some donation. ( children books or clothes)

Kampung Manola – Tena Teke



      2. Waikelo Harbor

After Visiting the traditional house, we were determent to see some Sunset.. We went to Waikelo Harbor its a harbor located near tambolaka airport.  The children of Sumba loves to jumped in to the water from the pier just to scare fish away.

Sumba Sunset
Waikelo Harbor

      3. Gula Garam Restaurant

The only thing i dont like about Sumba is their traditional food so finding a good international restaurant is important and since  XL provider is not working in Sumba to find restaurant with good wifi is crucial.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Sumba`s traditionl food ( sweet potato rice and marigold leaf )


Gula Garam restaurant is located near Waikelo harbor. It has good atmosphere and quite cheap.


Day 2.

  • Exploring  Kodi

Exploring sumba in general is time consuming because the road condition is very bumpy. The distance that can be reached in an hour, here in sumba took us 3 hours.

Because we have only 1 day to see pretty much everything in Southwest sumba, we decided to exploring Kodi area, starting North Kodi because in this area lies the best beach in Sumba

Kodi Road

       1. Weekuri lake

Weekuri lake, sometimes referred as waekuri is salted water lake located near Mandorak, south-west Sumba. Water is constantly flowing in and out of the lake with waves coming from the ocean through holes underneath the rocks that separate the lake from the ocean.

Crystal Clear lake for my self




Weekuri from above (


      2. Watu Malandong Beach

Watu Malandong is probably one of the best-kept secrets of Sumba even not so many local people visiting this area. The beach it self remind me of The Great Ocean Road in Australia with majestic rock towering in the middle of ocean.


      3. Bwanna Beach

This place is remind me of Nusa penida in Bali. I just lost for word to describe it, with white sand and majestic rock, you got to see it for your self.


Via webstagram




      4. Tanjung Mahera

Now this is for you who don`t have enough time to explore both Watu Malandong & Bwana beach. From this hill, you will be able to see both beaches.

Watu Malandong from Tanjung Mahera hill
Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
Bwana beach from Tanjung Mahera

To see the video of tanjung mahera, click here

      5. Ratenggaro Beach & Village

Ratenggaro is combinantion of Nature meet culture. The coastline is signed by white sand and facing to crystal water then there is historical ancient site with old tomb near the beach.

Ratenggaro via @aboutthejourneys
Megalithic Tomb



       6. Mandorak Beach

Small hidden paradise in Southwest sumba. High cliffs in the background and the turquoise color  water dominates the beach. Local people use this area to safe keep their boat from strong wave.

mandorak 2
Via @elizabethpurnamasari
Enter a caption


Day 3

Explore West Sumba

Where to stay

  • Nihiwatu Resort
Via erwadrian

If you have tons of money laying around, please do stay here! This resort is so famous among celebrities, Chris Hemsworth got married here and book the whole island for his wedding !

To stay here ain`t cheap, but for once in a life time you have to. It cost around $650/ night with minimum 3 nights stay but its totally worth it.

Facilities include Surfing, in house stable, Spa over looking ocean, cultural activities and more.

nihiwatu tini
Nihiwatu Spa




  • Watukaka Resort


This is next best things to Nihiwatu Resort and scheduled to be open on April 2016. I`m excited for this project and try their Glamping ( Glamours Camping ) Styled accommodation.

The area surrounding this resort is stunning . White sand beach, wild forest and private coves.

via @je_milanisti


watukaka 2


Things to see in West Sumba

  1. Lapopu Waterfall
( yourtripmate


The fascinating lapopu waterfall is located in Sumba Island, Manupeu Tanah Daru National Park consists plenty of steepy slopes. The slopes rise from the sea reaching height of 600 meters. The park is a habitat of 87 species of birds, all are protected. This waterfall is also use for electricity generator for villages around this area.




       2. Marosi Beach

Marosi beach Is one of the best surf spot in Sumba.There is a hot spot in the island with several kilometers of the white sandy flat beach. The small amazing island  is  located opposite  from the beachfront. A lot of coconut trees from the back side.




        3.  Dassang Beach

This place is like straight out of magazine. Surrounded by coconut trees  with white sand and swell so high, favorite spot for surfing.


via _febrian

I hope you like my recent journey to West sumba, let me know what do you think by leave the comment below 🙂



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    Can we do cliff jumping at Mandorak beach? I’ve heard from some sources that yea we can do it there, but im not really sure yet. Thank u.


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